Entrepreneur Blogs To Succeed With

Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Life

As a blogger today you have to build your blog like a business if you want to have real long-term success. So that will make you an entrepreneur, a blogging entrepreneur :)

It doesn’t matter what type of entrepreneur you are, we all need places we can go to get great info, resources and support on our entrepreneurial journey.

I wanted to share the entrepreneur blogs that I visit regularly to keep me learning, motivated and moving forward.

First you need to have the right motivation to be an entrepreneur, then you need resources to help you on your way.

My Top Entrepreneur Blogs To Help You…



WorkHappy.net is written by Carson McComas and has great resources for entrepreneurs. Carson provides information about using technology to improve your business, but he also covers info about marketing, SEO, and productivity.

Follow On Twitter  – @Carson

startup nation

Startup Nation is written by a large group of writers and is a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We created this site to be your one-stop shop for entrepreneurial success, and we’re thrilled that StartupNation has grown to be the leading online content and community resource for entrepreneurs.


Escape from Cubicle Nation is written by Pamela Slim, she is a seasoned coach and writer who helps frustrated employees in corporate jobs break out and start their own business. Her blog, is one of the top career and marketing blogs on the web.

Follow On Twitter  – @pamslim


IttyBiz is written by Naomi Dunford, her blog is a place to get tips, advice, motivation, and support for your very small business. If you’re working from home or just thinking about it, come and hang out here for some great ideas and bad jokes.

Follow On Twitter – @NaomiDunford


Seth Godin is a business genius, so you NEED to read his blog. All I need to say.

Follow On Twitter  – @thisissethsblog


The Closet Entrepreneur is written by Tomas, he is a freelance consultant to the home office warriors, cube dwellers, and business owners of the world.

Follow On Twitter – @tomascarillo


Entrepreneurs-Journey is written by Yaro Starak, his blog is aimed at those interested in Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Selling Information Online, Blogging and Personal Development.

Follow On Twitter – @yarostarak


The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is written by Michael Michalowicz, he started his first business at the age of 24, moving his young family to the only safe place he could afford – a retirement village. With limited resources and no experience, he systematically bootstrapped a multi-million dollar technology business, sleeping in conference rooms to avoid hotel costs

Follow On Twitter – @@tpentrepreneur


Duct Tape Marketing is written by John Jantsch who is a marketing consultant, award winning social media publisher. He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.

Follow On Twitter  – @ducttape


On Startups is written by Dharmesh Shah, a professional geek I used to work in a reasonably fun job doing what I liked to do (write code).  Eventually, I got a little frustrated with it all so at the ripe old age of 24, I started my first software company.

Follow On Twitter – @dharmesh


Young Entrepreneur Blog YE has become a “must visit” resource for start-up CEOs, founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors and investors worldwide, reaching an audience that very few can match.

Follow On Twitter – @thebizguy


Small Business Trends is written by Anita Campbell, she has been an entrepreneur at heart her entire life. A lawyer by training, she has a wide range of interests, as reflected in her varied background in banking, information technology, human resources, marketing and eCommerce.

Follow On Twitter – @smallbiztrends


Under30CEO is written by Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole,  their blog is great for “Leading Gen Y to stop doing sh*t they hate.”  Read start-up advice, start-up profiles, interviews with entrepreneurs and more.

Follow On Twitter – @@under30ceo


Quick Sprout is written by Neil Patel,  he is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Through his entrepreneurial career Neil has helped large corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web.

Follow On Twitter – @neilpatel


Blogtrepreneur is written by Matthew Toren & Adam Toren, they truly epitomize the entrepreneurial spirit. They have many teaching and research interests including Marketing, Business development, Entrepreneurial emergence, Entrepreneurial strategy management, Business growth techniques, Innovation and new venture creation.

Follow On Twitter  @@thebizguy


Thrilling  Heroics is written by Cody McKibben, he started Thrilling Heroics in 2006 to encourage other young professionals to take risks, to accept the challenge that life puts in front of you—not to settle and work in a cubicle and vegetate in front of the TV and be mediocre, but to pursue an unorthodox, exciting lifestyle, to strive for excellence in a career that you’re passionate about.

Follow On Twitter  – @codymckibb


How to Change the World is written by Guy Kawasaki, who is a former Apple evangelist and venture capitalist. Having launched multiple online ventures personally, and funded even more than that through his VC firm, he’s definitely worth listening to.

Follow On Twitter  – @guykawasaki


The Entrepreneurial Mind is written by Dr. Jeff Cornwall, his interest in entrepreneurship came early in life. I grew-up with entrepreneurship and small business as topics around the dinner table at night. My family was involved in many ventures. I was fortunate to be able to be involved in many of my father’s entrepreneurial endeavors from an early age. That is where I caught the entrepreneurial bug.

Follow On Twitter – @cornwallj


Smart Passive Income is written by Pat Flynn, his blog is a transparent look at everything he does online. My businesses, my strategies and my income – it’s all out there for you to see. I’m not trying to show off my success. In fact, that’s exactly the opposite of my purpose here.

Follow On Twitter – @patflynn


make money blogging, make money with a blog

That entrepreneur blogs list should keep you busy for a while and get you on track or back on track to being a blogging entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter where you are with your blog or what your blog is about..this list will help you as much as they have and continue to help me.

The other things we read is in our training we provide you when you join our Prosperity Team here registerno100% prosTRIANGLE

         Do you have other entrepreneur blogs that you like?

We encourage you to share with us below.


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