Make Your Blog Post Work For You

3 Smart Ways To Get Your Blog Posts Working Overtime

Once you become a blogger you quickly realize that there is a lot more to building a successful blog then JUST writing good posts.

Your time is limited, you have family, friends, maybe a J-O-B that you have to grow your blog around. You need to do the things that bring the most return on your time.

As a blogger that all starts with blog posts, blog posts can be anything you want them to posts, blog posts working hard

Have something to share? Write a post.

Have something to sell? Write a post.

Need help? Write a post.

Offer help? Write a post.

I could be here all day but I think you get my point :)

Since blog posts are so important, then it makes sense to want them to work extra hard for you.. right?

Here are my 3 ways to get your blog post working harder and longer for you!


Use Titles That Grab People

The first step to getting your post read is to get readers attention with a interesting title.

What makes a interesting title?  All it takes is being creative, but always keep the title targeted to what the post is about.

ex:  “Do You Know How To Make Your Blog Sticky?”  This does well because it’s a question and readers will be wondering what “sticky” is and how they can do it.

Put Keywords To Work Too

Take that a little further and add your keywords into the title. Adding your keywords to the front of your title will give you a post that is now working twice as hard for you, grabbing readers attention and getting that all important search luv.

Make It Easy To Read

We are all busy, and with so many great blogs to read it’s hard to read all posts word for word.

Many people, myself included will skim a post seeing what grabs my attention, if I see something I like, I will then read the whole post.

Keep It Small

A few ways you can make the “skimmers” :) see what’s most important is to first write in small paragraphs 1-3 small sentences tops. This makes it easy to read and makes the reader feel like they have less to read.

I have always written in small paragraphs because it’s easier to read and spread my thoughts out, but I got some nice proof recently that small was the way to go.

Other day I was reading the Copywriting Guru John Carlton’s blog

It was a monster post, so I skimmed it and then read it all but I wasn’t planning to read it all. But each time I was about to leave, the paragraph ended and kinda pushed me to the next.

Guess that’s why he is so damn good haha

When I read the whole post I looked at it again and noticed he writes in really small paragraphs and that helped me read it all.

Yes, John’s writing ability is a big part of what I kept reading, but the small paragraphs helped a lot.

Talk One On One

Another great way to get that post working harder, is to write as if you are talking to one person in the room.

write how you “really” talk

keep it simple

stay on point

make it personal

relax the over talk or technical talk

If you met me in a bar and we talked for 5 min you would know I’m JP from Money Dummy blog…would I know who you are?

Use Your Subs

Using subheadings helps the reader navigate your post easier and it also gives the skimmers a quick view of what each section will cover.

Subs are like mini titles… keep them creative to grab the skimmers eyes to want to read more.

Subheadings will help you write a post too. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to write, I will throw down a few subheadings ideas then go back and write more for that section.

Highlight The Important Stuff

If you have something you really want your reader to see, then you need to make it look different than the rest of the post.

Using bold text or italics is a great way to get readers to see the important stuff.

Combining bold text, italics and even caps is a great way to make the post feel more interesting and also bringing the reader’s attention places you don’t want them to miss.

Promote Action

As you write a blog post you want to throw in some ways to make the reader take action or offer feedback or even continue the conversation after the post.

Doing this will help build an active community in your blog that will be noticed and bring in new readers wanting to join the party.

Here are a few ways to promote action in your posts.

Add a link in your post to another post that digs deeper into the topic.

Ask for comments, ask for their opinions, or their views on what you just wrote.

Ask them to re-tweet or share your post on social sites.

Ask them to join your newsletter or stay up-to-date thru email or RSS.

Your goal is to have the reader to do something after they read your post. Sometimes that means asking for it.  If you don’t ask, you can’t be upset that they didn’t do it.

You work hard at writing quality blog posts, so why not get the most you can from each?

Treat each post like it is a little blog promoting robot lol

Build It, Unleash It and Make It Work for You.
Use these 3 tips together with a well written post and you will have a blog post that will work hard for you long after you click – Publish! Let me know what you think or share other ways to make your blog post work harder for you… Leave a comment. :) GUEST BLOGGERPIC JohnPaulAguiar BloggerExtordinaire TheMoneyDummyBlog prosTRIANGLE get-started-empower-network We have helped countless people prosper & excel in Online Marketing of all types of products from Art to Zippers and we’d like to help YOU too!  Here are some of our Prosperity Team only bonuses:

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