Superstorm or Super Disappointment: Are We Sadistic About Natural Disaster?


By Alissa Fleck 

It’s well-known news by now — the New York-based political advisor who spread false rumors about storm-related damage throughout Hurricane Sandy’s rampage. The fallout resulted in calls by some officials for legal action.

Yet a similar, albeit less threatening, trend related to social media and natural disaster extends much further. All over the Northeast, users took to Twitter — and other social media — the Monday evening of Hurricane Sandy’s East Coast landfall to lament what a “disappointment” Sandy had turned out to be.

By 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office had announced five hurricane-related fatalities in New York, raising the overall death toll to more than 70 in a storm far from finished wreaking havoc, yet some individuals were notably dismayed. They had not even lost power.

Thousands of homes up and down the coast were underwater and millions more were without electricity. For…

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