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Blogging in the 21st Century

We seem to all be looking for a better, I guess I mean an easier way to make some money.  The answer seems to be blogging. If used correctly a blog can be a terrific tool to inform potential customers of your business. But you don’t have a business you say?

Well then a blog can be a terrific way of sharing all your random thoughts that are jumbling around up in your head. Do you love turtles and unicorns and growing sunflowers in the dark? Well then you should write a blog about all of them, and believe me somebody has. If you scroll through any of the popular “free” blogging sites, you will see where let’s say for example a well intentioned stay at home mom has started a blog and promised to write about their garden and recipes once a week. Told all of their friends and even got people subscribed to read their blog every week, they wrote 7 great blog posts and got even more subscribers. The next week when it’s time to blog again, the baby won’t fall asleep so it’s just a few words about not having time today and a promise made to all the loyal followers to get back on track next week. Next week it’s a beautiful day outside and the blog is forgotten for a few months. Then on a rainy day with a quiet house, melancholy takes hold and the next blog is a few depressing sentences thrown together, an apology for not blogging weekly like the original post stated…You know what I mean and forgive me, I am not picking on stay at home moms who have tried to blog.

blogging lady
Blogging At Home

What I am saying is that the free blogging sites are littered with well intentioned people who started to write blogs,picked out the coolest blog titles and after a half a dozen posts, we never hear from them again. There are thousands of college students that started blogs and promised to write about their college career after they sat in a journalism class, posted some pics of the prettiest girls on campus at the Spring Mixer, and abandoned their blog before exams started. I even think it’s funny that we now have such a thing as ghostwriter’s, people who get paid by the spoiled rich kids to do their writing for them. Those are the students with zero social life and plenty of time on their hands and now write copy for Fox News or “Reality TV“. The Blog is taking the online world by storm, and is quickly becoming an internet fad, as more and more people start their own blog everyday on free sites like Blogger, Word Press, Thoughts, Weebly, Blog etc…

Love blogging
I Love Blogging

Blogging For Fun and Politics

After the tragedy of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City,the most common blogs were the 9/11 blogs. There was so much emotion, anger and painful memories that writing a  blog seemed the natural way to share ones horror of the possibility that we were attacked on our soil and the greif and despair of people that lost loved ones in the attack and as a way of honoring the brave police officers, fire fighters and all first responders that sacrificed something to help out a fellow human being. To this day some of those blogs, the heart felt emotion that comes out in black and white still makes me tear up when I read them. Those horrific events brought about another group of blogger, the “research’ blogger. Most of these took blogging to another level in their quest for facts. A few of those posts I seem to remember for the wrong reasons. For example ”

9/11 Research

I want to take a second to suggest that everyone take a second to think about 9/11. We all said we would never forget, stay true to that, keep an eye on what is being said about 9/11, what is happening because of it.

Take a moment every once and a while and go to google’s news site and search for 9/11

9/11 Research coming to a head

i started researching 9/11 around july 1st of this year.. as of today that makes almost 3 months of research i have put into 9/11.. at this point all of my research has led me to a beleif that most americans would write off in a heart beat, but anyone who does the research will reach the same opinion.. if you think im wrong, then take a moment and ask how much you really know about 9/11.

i beleive the bush administration intentionally allowed 9/11 to occur, and should be investigated by a truely independent 9/11 commission.

9/11 was a catalyst, much like pearl harbor, to bring america together to fight the war on terror. i know that what i say is inconceivable to the average american, but i beleive i can virtually prove it.”

I purposely left in the poor spelling, bad grammar and picture of a building fire in another country to make a point. Some people were just so angry and full of hate they would post ANYTHING just to get people to be angry at somebody or something, whether it was the Bush Administration or anyone who didn’t look or think or act the way that they did. Examples of freedom of speech that our fore fathers never could of imagined.

 Blogging for Profits

Fast forward to now and some of us have discovered ways to turn our blogging into profits. There is so much in the way of flexible and expandable blog technology and it is  simple to use, still some internet newbie’s might find this confusing, especially since lots of blog building tutorials will not explain the idea adequately.  With this site newbies and pro’s alike now will have an advertising platform, a simplified customer interface and a low cost storefront to sell and showcase any idea or product you wish to advertise. We will even give you products to sell if you have none and the training and tools to do it with.

Many writers are intimidated by the task of developing and creating a website because a lack of technical skills or the belief that it takes years for a website to gain traction and momentum in order to gain website visitors. Try to make them meaningful because they are what people will see when your blog is returned in a Search Engine. All of our training videos as well as the daily training calls will explain exactly what to do to make your business a success.

blogging for business










I can’t stress enough the importance of your usage of these tools to enhance the good quality of your respective blog’s articles and help it distinguish itself from the multitude of other blogs. I also suggest that you participate in the community of blogging, if people will find your comments appealing they will follow you to view your blog and this will improve your traffic and there are opportunities that will be identified by many authors which can bring in many opportunities for you as a writer. Read the customer reviews on their website to see what advice current users are making, if any at all, and use these thoughts to your advantage. Obviously, if promotional blogs become successful and they reach out their target audience, the beneficiary (business) will attract a lot of clients from many locations and it would be the start of your success.

A blog is like anything in life, you will get out of it in direct proportion to what you put into it.If you have some good writing skills, then this could just be the job you are waiting for. Startups need to remember they should work with bloggers too and invite them to their events. So, the next time that you are struggling to come up with a small business blog topic, keep these tips in mind.  The range of potential uses for your blog from a business and marketing point of view is wide and varied. Here at the Empower Network we stress that your being genuine as a person ought to be very evident throughout your blog.



The important thing is that you take action, consistant but immediate action to set goals and achieve the goals you have set for your self. Where do you want to be in June 2013? Where do you want to be in November 2013? Where do you see yourself in January 2014?


We can help you! Show you what to do with what you did.

Are you ready to help you? Did your boss buy you a turkey to reward you for all of your hard work and as a way of thanking you for making him richer?

Come see how we do it here:   


The rest of the story is up to you.



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