This Past Week in the Trading Room

This past week was a rather profitable one I’m happy to report.

Having tech issue with interactive charts, this will have to do til this weekend.

We hung on to our NFLX through the first 2 targets and now we are being a bit piggish as I let the last of my (3) $65 call options run a bit more. There is really no strong resistance if  NFLX hits the magical magnet of $90, it makes sense that it will try to fill the gap to $100 (if a stock is in a bullish trend and hits 90, 100 is a given;JimCramer)


The other winner the past few days has been SHLD

Major Pivot was at 62


Looked for an entry at 58 with a $4 tgt to 54

2nd tgt was 52

Last tgt with all the $$$ is to 46 with REAL tight stops

Monthly Chart

I see all the Indicies are spiking today but this is just too bearish.


Good Luck and good trading, see ya in Power Trader


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